Iain Duncan Smith

Does Iain Duncan Smith deserve the description of Minister of Manslaughter that many people give him? If you check out this website, you will find that he clearly does, and far worse.

Iain Duncan Smith - How many People have DiedOver the next few weeks there will be more and more posts put up here about Iain Duncan Smith, ones that show the CV full of irregularities he submitted when he put himself forward as an MP, (lies that would have lost anybody else his job and possibly put them in prison), posts that demonstrate how lacklustre, (and some say cowardly), his military career was, how he has abused his position so that he and his family can benefit financially, (like how he employed and paid his wife for a non job), things about his dodgy think tank that would make your hair curl, (his too if he had any worth calling hair), like one of his parliamentary researchers being in the employ of The Centre For Social Justice, with there being so much out there in the public domain that this site will be so easy to fill.

Please revisit on a regular basis, more and more posts will be added daily over the coming weeks for you to read and enjoy.

IDS Killer